"Fashion illustration Alice in Wonderland"

Hello! Yesterday I began to think about how to draw a new sketch. And then for a moment, in my head appeared the image of Alice from the tale of Lewis Carroll.

I like this story, as well as the adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and Alice in the looking-glass, where Misa Vasikowska plays the main role of Alice, and the Hatter plays the famous Johnny Depp. Remembering Alisa's outfits from these Films, I thought that I too can create something incredible, in the spirit of the Wonderland.

I decided to stumble from all the famous, blue dresses of Alice and do something incredible! That's how I managed to make a skirt over trousers, along with a transparent pink blouse. The main masterpiece, this is certainly a skirt on which I have fit a good half of the fairy tale characters: it's a rabbit with a clock, a Cheshire cat, flowers, cards. To make the image become even more fabulous, I decided to draw unusual earrings, in the form of a rabbit and a Cheshire cat.

In my opinion, I have a magical image that Alice would have liked!


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