"Bag package trend"

Hello! Fashion sometimes just shock me and today is the day when I learned the latest trend in bags. Now it's very fashionable instead of a bag to take a bag-package. PACKAGE?! Yes, I already mean a long time in the trend, I just did not know about it!

Designers point out that the bag-package is an excellent alternative for a bag-shopper. In the arsenal of fashion brands there are bags from transparent to fur copies. In general, for every taste and occasion.

Of course, everyone praises this trend, but personally I consider it ridiculous and inappropriate. I do not think that even the most beautiful bag-package will emphasize the image of a girl, a woman. And who would be comfortable walking with a huge package all day? Personally, I would choose a more compact bag model. And I think that the bag and bags are incompatible, well, in general. But this is only my subjective opinion, which may not coincide with yours. Unequivocally, if you take with you such an unusual accessory, then the general attention to you, will be more than enough.

Maison Margiela, весна-лето 2018

John Galliano, весна-лето 2018
Yes, and I want to note that bags-packages from well-known brands will obviously cost a lot. So why spend a fabulous amount of money when you can buy an ordinary package in a store and rejoice that you are in a trend.


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