"Kaia Gerber" Fashion illustration

Hello! Recently I heard about one model and it's Kaia Gerber. 

She immediately attracted me, her unusual appearance. At first I did not give it much importance until I stumbled into an instagram for a nice guy, also a model and it's Presley Gerber. He is a terrific appearance, which is created for high fashion. And then, after a couple of days, I find out that he is Kai's brother. But these were not the latest news, it turns out their mother, the famous top model of her time, Cindy Crawford! Wow! And most striking, I did not think that Kaya and Presley are so young. She is 16, and Presley 18. They are so young, but already very popular in the fashion industry, especially Kaia.

Kaia is almost a copy of her mother, only a birthmark is not enough, for a complete image. But the birthmark of Cindy, known to everyone around the world, was in her son Presley. That daughter, that the son is very beautiful. Therefore, without thinking twice, I decided to draw a sketch with Kay. Later I plan to come up with an image for Presley.

As a result, I drew a metallic jacket, if you can not see anyone. I apologize if it did not work out very well. Just the first experience of drawing such a texture. The jacket is not simple, I decided to divide the sleeves into parts, thereby achieving an unusual effect. Also decided to draw jeans with the effect of space. This was inspired by an unusual jacket. And the end of the image was transparent boots. On the whole, the cosmic image has turned out


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