"Meghan Markle the bride of the prince Henry of Wales"

Hello! Today I would like to talk about the bride of Prince Harry of Wales and this is the American actress Meghan Markle.

First, an ordinary girl Kate married Prince William, now Meghan was able to win the heart of the prince. Here's how, after these stories do not believe in fairy tales and miracles ?! It is a pity that only princes, fewer and fewer ... But let's not talk about sad things. I'd rather talk about Meghan, the future princess of Britain.

Meghan is older than Harry for 3 years, but this can not be seen in their pair. Meghan looks clearly not at her age (36 years), but much younger. She immediately attracted me by her unusual appearance and this is because her mother is African American, and her father is Irish. Not surprisingly, she became the owner of a bright and memorable appearance.

Despite the fact that she is considered an actress, her education is not only related to acting, but also to international relations. Meghan even had the experience of the model. In general, one thing is clear, the girl is very versatile. Clever, beautiful, talented ideal princess.

Since 2002 Meghan has started to act in film. Of course, like many, at first she acted in episodic roles. This is because her appearance is specific. It is not dark enough and not light enough, it can be said at the junction of cultures. And it prevented her from casting for the role. But despite this, she lit up in the famous series "Force Majeure" which has a high rating and now has 7 seasons!

About Meghan also has one interesting fact, from the words of her sister, Meghan loved to watch in the childhood about the programs about the royal family of Britain and dreamed of marrying Prince William. But unfortunately, she was ahead of Kate. But who would have thought that Meghan's dream would come true, only her marriage would be destined to marry Harry.

Like any girl Meghan has hobbies. Now it's mostly yoga and cooking. With her success, she shares in Instagram with her subscribers. By the way, to the note! When Meghan led a blog called The Tig, where she wrote an essay on: racism, sexual discrimination, etc. But when the engagement with Prince Harry was realized, the girl had to close the blog. This is understandable, because the blog topics are very loud.

Here is such a versatile sister-in-law to Prince Harry. I hope their marriage will be happy and soon there will be kids.


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