"Pink trend of spring 2018"

Hi everybody! In childhood, I like all the girls, I was very fond of pink. He was my favorite among other colors.

It's not hard to guess that he was everywhere from clothes to toys. Now I'm an adult girl and the love for pink has become less, now I'm a fan of blue shades. But still sometimes I remember my childhood and buy something pink.

All this I to what. Now the spring, though not for the weather, but on the calendar for sure. And spring is a time of bright colors, so one of the trends in the spring of 2018, of course, became pink!

But I want to warn you that now the popular pink is not that bright, which is associated with the Barbie doll. This time, it is worth choosing a pink pastel shade. It is not so bright, so it can be safely chosen as the basis in the wardrobe. You can pick up a gently pink coat or dress, and if this is too much for you, then at least buy an accessory in the form of a bag, scarf. In general, it all depends on your preferences. But definitely this trend is not to pass by yourself. After all, when, as in any way in the spring, you need to be gentle and bright. 


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