"Doctor Strange - girl" Marvel

Hello! Finally, inspiration came back to me and I had an amazing idea, for a whole series of sketches. On the eve of the film of the year the Avengers: The War of Infinity. I decided to make sketches for the main characters of the film. But my idea is not as simple as you might think.

I decided to transform the male characters into beautiful girls, with a modified image of the main character. Today I decided to draw a girl version of the magician Doctor Strange.

In general, the image is similar to Doctor Strange from films and comic books, but for a girl I decided to shorten my cape a little, added short shorts in the style of "Wonder Woman" and finished the image with high boots. Cloak as was and remained, because he can say is the "calling card" of this character. One thing I see the difference is that the inner lining of my raincoat is of monochromatic color, in the original, the inner lining of the cloak has a chess pattern.

The color combination I have practical left similar to Dr. Strange, can only, only made the colors more vivid.

How do you like this image for a girl in the style of Doctor Strange? I think it worked out well. Now I have the idea of ​​images: for Loki, Thor, Thanos and Vizhn. It remains only to draw. This I will deal with in the near future.


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