"Avengers: Infinity War" Fashion illustration

Hello! Soon we are waiting for the premier, perhaps the most anticipated film of this year and this is "The Avengers: The War of Infinity"

I'm looking forward to the premiere. In the meantime, I decided to draw this fashion illustration. I was inspired by the stones of infinity. Immediately in my head appeared an image of a steep yellow jacket, with stones of infinity on the shoulders. Without hesitation, I decided to develop an image. Adding blue pants with yellow stripes in the tone of the jacket.

Stones on my shoulders seemed to me a little and I decided to add them to gloves. Just the same for them and the place on the film. After all, in the movie they are in the glove, here I have the same thing. Only unlike the movie, the stones are on two hands. Double set turned out! Tanos would love it!

But because the stones I sunk into the soul, I still decided to put them in a diadem. I feel senseless if there were no stones in the film, as much as in my image, then Toanos would have become exactly bad!


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