"Fashion illustration" (Transparent star)

Hello! The idea of ​​this sketch came to me during a couple at the university. I thought about what a new image you can think of. And then my mind, lingered on the lovely blouse of a classmate.

This is an ordinary black sweatshirt, except that she has transparent and voluminous sleeves, which I liked very much. Without thinking for a long time, I already in my head presented an image in the form of a black dress, a straight cut with similar sleeves.

But considering that my image was not far from the original, I decided to change it. I immediately abandoned the idea to make a dress of classic cut and black. The choice stopped on a short blue dress, tight silhouette, with the stars on the bust. The sleeves left the transparent as originally thought, the fabric for the sleeves used a gently blue shade with the stars. That the image was more bright and airy. I decided to add to the dress, a lush, transparent pink lyubku.

In my opinion, the dress turned out just fabulous! I would definitely like to wear it. Especially cool it would look at the graduation party or on some other holiday: Birthday, party, maybe a date.


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