"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir"

Hello! Today I decided to make a sketch with the main characters (Lady Bug and Super Cat) of my favorite cartoon at the moment and it's Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

Initially, I did not notice this cartoon, because at first glance the images of the main characters seemed somewhat ridiculous to me. But as that time there was nothing to watch on TV and decided to leave this cartoon on the channel Disney. And I liked him, but there was no stopping me. At the moment, the first part of the second season came out, which I certainly already looked at.

After watching this cartoon, I came up with the idea to draw Lady Bug and Super Cat, in those images that I would prefer to see in the cartoon. But still, from the main idea of ​​their costumes, I did not go far.

The cat left in a black vestment, only added a bit of green to his image. So I decided to beat the color of his eyes. It seemed to me that his appearance was too black and he lacked color. He also changed the tail, making it more voluminous. The clothes of the Super Cat, now resemble a cool superhero costume, not a latex overall that the guy does not exactly go. Even if he is a superhero of Paris!

Lady Bug I left the red with black pea print. Only the tight jumpsuit was changed to: shorts, with a T-shirt and leggings in a blue strip in the color of her hair. I specially decided to make less black peas in clothes. Instead, they added them to accessories and shoes. Just on my hands, I added bandages to polka dots. Also decided Lady Bug to put on boots, because in the original she had such shoes so alas.


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