"Black Widow" Illustartion

Hello! Soon we are waiting for a loud premiere from Marvel Avengers: The War of Infinity. Recently I have already published an image in the spirit of the stones of infinity and as promised, I decided to continue the theme of this film.

This time, I decided to create a new image, for the Black widow. Unfortunately in the war of infinity she has, for some reason her blond hair, although before that she was red-haired. Her redhead is much better! I do not know why they decided to change it. So I did not change her hair color and left a fiery red. In the previous films the Black widow had mostly medium-length hair, of course this length goes, but I decided to experiment and make her long, voluminous red hair.

I also decided to modify her costume. The main color of course remained black, but I also decided to add a little red. This I proceeded from the fact that the spider "black widow" has a red speck. And if Natasha, a consonant name to the spider, then why not be inspired by the new color in the image. And then her costumes are all black and again black. Of course, I understand that she does not want to walk on the runway, but save the world, but I still want some color in the image. Even if it's just red and it's a little bit.


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