Hello! I could not help writing about the recent novelty from L'Oreal Paris and the French fashion house Balmain. And this novelty, a collection of lipsticks, created in collaboration with creative director Balmain Olivier Rousteing

I really love this brand, because it corresponds to my vision of fashion. In addition, I really like Olivier Rousteing as a designer. He has great ideas, which he embodies in the form of wonderful clothes. But back to lipsticks.

We are positioned a collection of lipsticks as haute couture, it is unlikely so, but it captivates, in order to grab a couple of lipsticks in the store. In the collection of 12 lipsticks, which in turn are divided into 3 types.

1. The Glamor

This collection is an inspiration for the safari and jungle theme. The shades are really related to nature. Beige, brown, orange and green, the colors of nature. Which is so lacking in our stone jungle.

2. Rock - Diva

The most flashy shades from the collection, which are suitable for bright and confident girls. Here you will find brown shades, blue and purple.

3. From Couture

These shades are suitable for elegant girls who know the latest trends and follow them. Here there are both pastel shades, and brighter. For example, saturated red and purple.

The most striking thing is that the collection came out in autumn in 2017, but it reached Russia only now. By the way, the average price tag for lipsticks from 400-550 rubles, at least I saw such. In my opinion this is a small price, for such a loud collaboration with Balmain


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