"Fashion Trend of the season: western"

Hello! Today I want to share with you another trend of the season. And it's clothes, shoes and accessories in the style of western.

When I hear a western, then immediately I have an association: fringe, cowboy hat and boots. You can say that this is all at the height of popularity, perhaps only without a hat.

To be in the trend, then I advise you to buy the following things, for the wardrobe:

1. Bag the saddle.

I love these bags, thanks to an unusual shape and compactness. Especially like these bags from the brand Chloe. If finance allows, then choose a bag from this brand, but if not a lot of money from you, then such a bag will not be difficult to find in the mass-market, because it is at the peak of popularity now.

2. Boots

Excellent boots with buckles, fringe, suede. Preferably choose boots of brown shades or black. Then, they will definitely match the western style.

3. The Poncho

I do not really like this thing. After all, it hides everything that is possible and in my opinion makes something out of the figure. Although this is purely my subjective opinion. If you love a poncho, then buy it boldly, or even better with a fringe.

4. Jackets

How can you do without a spring light jacket ?! An excellent choice will be a jacket of brown and black hues. You can choose from leather, suede or any other fabric. The most important thing is that there are such elements as: fringe, rivets, ornaments and buckles. And then in this jacket you will be the star of the western of 2018!


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