"How to make an ideal selfie"

Hello! Now almost every girl is dependent on selfi and it takes a very long time to take a photo, and then as much to process it. And in the end it turns out, an unnatural photo, with an overabundance of photoshop. Before, maybe it was fashionable, but definitely not right now.

At the moment, it is much more popular to spread self without makeup or with a natural make that is barely visible on the face. Personally, I'm happy with this trend in both make-up and selfie. After all, natural beauty has always been and will be, better than a bright make-up.

And now I would like to share with you a couple of tips for excellent selfie.

1. Natural Makeup

As I said, now at the height of popularity is natural. So, do the SELFI or no make-up and add a #nomakeup hashtag, or a minimum of makeup. Personally, I think the most important thing for makeup for every day is tone, concealer, powder. This will help to hide the flaws of the face. And to complete the makeup, a little mascara on the eyelashes and lipstick favorite peach shade. With such a makefile, selfi is definitely doomed to success!

2. Light

Light is the second factor in importance, when you do selfie. From the light depends on what kind of photo. After all, you can have an excellent make-up, but no one will appreciate it if the photo is gloomy or too bright. The good time for a photo is in the morning when the light is still soft.

3. View

Every girl, there are angles that are most successful for her. And there are those angles that spoil the photo and this applies even to those girls who have immaculate beauty. So, that we find our successful perspectives, thanks to persistent trainings. Without practice, no way.

4. Smile, emotions

A smile on the girl's face will always cause sympathy. And in general, people like people who are happy, this applies to the photo. So, that down with a serious look in the style of bitch and hi the face of a joyful girl who is satisfied with herself and with her life.

Here are my tips, if you know more tips, I'll be glad to learn about them in the comments under this post! Successful you serfi!


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