Hello! Today I decided to sketch with one of my favorite models of Winnie Harlow. This is a Canadian model, a participant of the famous show "Top Model of the American" Though she did not win and did not even take the second or third place, but still achieved great success in the fashion world.

Winnie has become popular because of her unusual appearance, which is due to a Vitiligo skin disease. In consequence of which, the skin in some areas of her light. In her childhood she was mocked, because of her dissimilarity, do not say that children can be very cruel, I know this from my own experience. After all, in school, I was sometimes also a subject of ridicule because of my appearance. Was a little plump and awkward.

But despite the difficult childhood, Winnie accepted herself as she is and thanks to this, she now participates in fashion shows of famous brands. Its success would be envied by all participants of the "Top Model in American" After all, special heights, even the winners did not reach.

The image that I came up with for Winnie came to mind spontaneously. I did not think about it for a long time, I just had an idea to draw it, and the dress turned out by itself. Of course, I like to think through the image in my head and only then to embody it in life. But sometimes I allow myself, spontaneous ideas, which are much better than the planned images. I will not say that the image is complex and unusual. But for my taste, very good! The bust of the dress I decided to decorate with a jewel of a rich blue hue, but the skirt made a multi-layered, with mint color. In my opinion, the mint shade is perfectly combined with the dark skin of Winnie. This dress is definitely worth wearing for the celebration, for example, graduation.


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