"Western" Fashion illustration

Hello! Just recently, I wrote, that now at the height of popularity clothing and accessories in the style of western. Namely: cowboy hats, boots, fringe, leather, etc.

Therefore, without thinking twice, I decided to paint an image in this style. I decided to make a sweater with wide sleeves and a short cut, like a crochet-top. Under her is a corset of yellow color, with brown bandages. She decided to make her skirt out of suede, with bandages of green color. To the image was not too brown, I added a bit of freshness to the image, in the form of a green color.

Initially, I wanted to make a jacket without a print, but when I flipped through the pictures on the Internet I came across the image of a horse with cactuses. And so I decided to depict this drawing on a blouse.

Though, I can not see the shoes in the image, but I would pick up short boots of orange or sand color in cowboy style. And maybe even green, if they could of course find such.

You can say, this image turned out, the embodiment of what I love. And this: fringe, brown shades, wide sweaters, cool prints, suede. Such an image, I would definitely wear this spring.


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